2017 Junior, Youth & Senior Grades / Competitions


2017 Junior, Youth & Senior Football

Season starts Saturday 1st April


Junior Football


First Kicks     4 to 6 years      4 aside, no GK’s, discourage goal hanging

*Non-competitive grade

*First Kicks for 4 to 6 year olds born 2013 ,2012 and 2011


Fun Football   7 to 8 years    5 aside, no GK’s, discourage goal hanging

*Non-competitive grade                                                  

*1 league of 7th grade teams born 2010 and 8th grade teams born 2009


Mini Football          9th Grade           7 aside, (with Goal Keepers)

*Non-competitive grade

*9th Grade for 9 year olds born 2008


10th & 11th Grade (mixed)               9 aside                

*Non-competitive grade             

*10th & 11th Grade for 10 year olds born 2007 and 11 year olds born 2006


12th Grade                                            9 aside

* 12th Grade for 12 year olds born 2005


13th & 14th Grade (mixed)                 11 aside – Senior Pitches – 9am start

*13th & 14th Grade for players born 2004 and 2003


Youth League Football 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th Grade      

11 aside – Senior Pitches – 10.30am start

*Youth League for players born 2002, 2001, 2000 & 1999


Senior Football

Must be 16 years of age and over to play Senior Football.

Marlborough Men’s Senior Division 1

Marlborough Men’s Senior Division 2

Marlborough Women’s Senior Division - Social 6 a side competition


Age dispensations

Marlborough Football will not accept any age dispensation requests below 10th grade.

  • A team may apply to have a maximum of two dispensations granted for a player coming one year below or one year above their normal age grade, but a dispensation form must be completed and approved by our FDO and grading committee before the player is eligible. *Please note that playing one year above their age grade is only granted to players who are selected for National Training Camps (NTC) through the Federation Talent Centre (FTC), or those who have been identified and listed in the dispensations approved for 2017’ chosen by the 2016 grade rep coaches, which has been sent to all clubs.
  • The maximum number for dispensations per team is two.
  • A team can only have a maximum of four* rep players. *Unless players were already registered to that team year prior.  There will be no new transfers accepted for any rep players if the team they are transferring to already has 4 rep players.


Senior Football Age Allowance*: A player has the ability to play Senior Football at the age of 16 without dispensation. 

*At the age of 15 a player cannot be playing Senior Football unless dispensation has been granted by the Marlborough Football GM and Grading Committee. A consent form will also be required to be signed by the player’s parents.

Maximum number of dispensations per team is 2.


Playing in both Youth & Senior Grades: A player who is 16 years of age or older (must be 16 at the start of the playing season) has the opportunity to play in both Youth & Senior Competitions for their registered Club without dispensation. Must be the same Club for both teams – You can’t dual Club register.  It is the Clubs responsibility to manage the wellbeing of that player and ensure they are not playing 2 full 90 minute games in one day.


Girls: The standard dispensation for girls to play one year below their age Grade still stands.